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Sunday recap - Week whoknowsanymore

Uhm, hi!

Since last time:

Friday movie nights:

We've had two b-movie nights, and the second one (pictured above) had such crappy films that we had to run over to Sainsbury's at 10 pm to stock up on enough alcohol to survive the second movie.

Sleepovers with lovely Jannecke

Writing essays, drinking red wine and having chinese take-away <3

Out to dinner, almost every day

I'm becoming pretty tired of English pub food now, as that is what I have 5 out of 7 days a week.


No Halloween party, but sweet Louisa made it a little bit better by carving out this awesome kitteh pumpkin and giving us a chocolate skeleton lollipop =)

One night out

There was X factor and absolute raspberri. I also know there was Gallery and dancing. There might have been some tequila. Oh, and i do remember a kebab on the way home!

More pub food

Last time we were all gathered. I took a picture of all the picture taking. How very meta of me!

And even more pub food

Waking up - school - lunch - more school - dinner - library - home at midnight - sleep - rinse and repeat.


Sunday recap - week 8

Study, study, study. Week 8 and 9 update will be merged.

Sunday recap - week 7

This week has been loooooooooooooooooooooooong!
Monday I went sightseeing with Louisa at the Castle Museum

We then went for lunch, before I went to the library and fell in love. Sofas and coffee in a library... hello, love affair!

Tuesday I went to a pub and watched the England match, but I did not, and I repeat, did absolutely not, drink too much red wine and embarass myself
<---- Evil red wine

Wednesday was spent studying, oh yes, you heard me, studying! The campus library was a one night stand though.

Thursday didn't happen.

Oh, okay, so I turned 25. Which means 1) Mature student & 2) I had to tick a new box. I am no longer 16-24, I am 25-34. Lovely.
Some friends from class tried to make it better by taking me out to dinner, then a pub, and then a slightly crappy nightclub filled with nerds, cavemen and freshers.
One must have cake at ones birthday. It is a universal rule.

This poor fly fell into Nadia's beer, and got severely intoxicated. But don't worry, we nursed it back to health! ...or we killed it, I don't really know, it was poof! gone all of a sudden.

I like apple sour shots... and drinks.

Friday was movie night with those ^^ lovely people. Saturday was "oh-my-god-did-that-movie-night-really-last-9-hours-I-didn't-go-to-bed-until-6am" and x-factor and leftover pizza.
Today I went to the library again and got some work done. It is insane how many people are shopping on a Sunday... you can't even walk in a straight line there are so many people in the streets. Go home to your family, material people! -said the girl who went into HMV to buy cd's on a Sunday...................

Until next time......

Ducks! in the middle of the city streets at 4 am friday morning.


Sunday recap - week 6

This week has been extremely boring, with the huge exception of my mom and sister coming to visit.

We went out monday to celebrate the birthday of a girl in my class. We had dinner and then we went to a pub to have a glass of (insert drink here). Tuesday was.... tuesday. Horrible, horrible day. 2 hours in class, then 3 hours spent waiting for the next lecture, before we go home at 5.30. Horrible, horrible day.
Wednesday was my reading day, waiting for my mom and sister to arrive in the evening. I picked them up at the train station and got my much longed for mommyhug.

They were very tired after travelling for a full 24 hours to get to York, so after a shower and lots and lots of hugs, we went to bed.

Thursday was spent walkign the streets of York, showing them around and just spending time together. Friday we went to the Minster, and pictures of that will be up later this week.

It wasn't exactly lovely to see them go on friday night, but their visit quenched some of my home sickness.

I spent the weekend trying to get some reading done, as well as saving some money. Boring as ...... but necessary.


Sunday recap - Week 4 & 5

It was Nadia's birthday on the monday of week 4. We went out celebrating with dinner and a couple of drinks (on a school night, what on eeearth...?)

There's something seriously wrong with this camera..... (see how I didn't mention that some people are on the ground here?)

Seeing that this post will be about everything but school, here's a picture from the school just to make my parents see that I actually attend school (once in a while)

We did, an all fairness, spend some time studying this week too. We miiiight have gone out on Friday, but we went home very early (sorry about that, Nadia :P)

Early Sunday morning, we went to London, baby!
We got the train to King's Cross, and arrived about 1 o'clock. We had lunch in an italian cafè near the station, before we made the first attempt at locating Hyde Park. We had barely gotten out the map before a man came up to us and asked if we needed any help. He was going in the same direction as us, and showed us the way. Good thing, too, as the Underground was a little confusing at first. After a while, we managed to navigate through it just fine and used it several times a day. It's like the Metro in Paris, really. It does, in the end, make perfectly sense.
"our" station :)

The very nice American, Russell, left us on Speaker's Corner

We walked throught the park towards our hotel, passing through Kensington Gardens

We had a little trouble finding our hotel, and it started raining quite heavily while searching for it. Of course.
Found it! 

A little tired here, but no time to rest! We had only two days in London, and lots to see.


Trafalgar Square

Big Ben


London Eye (this is the closest you'll get me to that thing)

Piccadilly Circus

We had some proper fish 'n' chips in a nice restaurant in the town centre

Not so "little tired" anymore, and I was sooooo full from the appetizer :/

We spent the next day in Oxford Street. Nadia got herself a pair of shoes, and we both bought a tiny purse for the concert. I don't really have money for a shoppign spree, but I enjoyed window shopping :)

Then, evening, and what we came for in the first place:

Standing in line at the concert:
O2 customers got to stand in a priority line, but we're on the 3 network :(

Wine, music, nice company, it's aaaaaaall good =)

Happy people!

The next day, we got up at 6.30 *yawn* had to hail our own cab as the receptionist claimed it was impossible to call for one (mmmhm). The train was due to leave 8.04, and at 8 the platform it was to leave from was still to be announced. A little stressed out, I askedi n the information and we found the train on platform 5. So far so good. 15 minutes passed. "We're unable to start the train and the repairman isn't answering his cell". Great. 30 minutes past. "We will not be able to start the train, so our staff will be going around issuing you new tickets" Fantastic. 1 - one - person went through the entire train issuing new tickets, but thaaaaankfully, she reached us in tiem for us to get on the 9 am train to Edinburgh. 11.05.
On the train, a teeeny tiny bit tired

We arrived in York 11.05, leaving us with 10 minutes to get back to school in time for the first lesson. We were like 5 minutes late, which is quite good seeing we just commuted from London!

This week, we have been doing absolutely nothing. I went to see United in a pub on Saturday, and that's about it, really. Oh, and we got ourselves a haircut on Friday :) Nadia's hair is dark now, and looks fab :)

Next week, my mom and little sister is coming to stay for a couple of days :D We'll be tourists in York that week, so there will most definitely be loads of pics next Sunday too!

Until next time... Cheers!


Sunday recap - Week 4

 ...will not be posted today, as I am leaving for London today and will not return until Tuesday.  I'm not sure whether or not to merge it with week 5, or update on Tuesday with a delayed week 4 post. Time will tell :) Either way, it'll be worth the wait, as I'll have huuuuuuuge amounts of pictures to show you!


Sunday recap - Week 3

This week has been loads of fun, with school, sightseeing, not-getting-out-of-pj-day, and a night out on the town.

Our literature professor, Jonathan, took us on a tour of WWII York, and then we went to tea at his place.

Lunch (sorry, dinner) in the cafeteria/bar (would you like a pint with that sandwich, sir?)

We were supposed to go to the Beer and Cider Festival on friday, buuuuuuuuuut.. well, the sofa was very inviting, it would be rude to turn him down.

On Saturday, on the other hand, we got dressed up and had a FABULOUS time out.
(Did you know that Aussies think that Norway is a region? A region of what, I don't know...)

Maybe we had a little too much fun :P

Aaaah, Sunday. Take-away sushi, Glee on dvd, lots and lots of coke and chips, and no hangover to speak of.

I will not be able to blog next Sunday, seeing that I'll be in London, baby! Next update will be around Tuesday the week after, I think.

<3 Happy Birthday, Nadia! <3


Sunday recap - Week 2

This week started with introductions and lunch at the Uni

Actually, most of week 2 has been in the name of introductions and food (and it may or may not have included some alcohol)

We have a 25 minute walk to school, which is a nice way to start the day

We spent Wednesday getting to know the town centre, but the only picture I have is from Starbucks (which, if you know me, really isn't that odd)

Oh, no, wait, that's true, I have this one too!

While in a shop that sold fake jewelry, we noticed that they piereced ears there, so I figured (impulsive as I am :p) I'd pierce my ears, again!

At Thursday we went to Asian Gourmet with Louisa's friends (where I had my very first sushi - oh yum!)

and then to a cheesy 70's bar

before we concluded the night at the Stone Roses
( I deny any allegations of me getting... influenced... by tequila this evening. It is all crazy talk)

Friday we went to the York brewery for a pub quiz
in which we won 1 round + the prize for best team name - The bugger offers!

Before that, we had a lovely meal in an italian restaurant but I tell you, dividing the bill when you are 16 people is nothing you should embark on whilst already running late for an appointment.

Friday night was apparently also a night to visit cheesy 70's places, and it seems like York is big enough for two of these. Go figure.
Introducing: mad photography skills! and an obscenely large drink

................and nuns


Right, school, that was what I was here for!
We got handouts from hell on thursday, page upon page to read for next week. We relaxed and got some reading done over the weekend, regaining strength for the third week in York :)

Part of Campus

Part of class lunching in the park at Uni

Besides partying and introducing and eating, we've pretty much been grossed out by bugs. Spiders the size of baby tarantulas, beetles, moths the size of my fist colliding with my forehead while I slept... No pictures of these though, as seeing them once is more than sufficient. I can't wait for the cold to set in and send them into hibernation, as this is stressing me out. Not easy sleeping when you fear beetles, spiders and moth to come climbing into your bed, is it? Oh well, I guess I will either go mad or get cured of my phobias. Time will tell!

Ps. I know that formatting and structure is virtually non-existent in this post.  I will improve my aesthetics, I promise. As for this becoming more a picture blog than anything else, I'm not promising any improvement. The main thing is 


Sunday recap

Me and my beloved bell boy (and better half, loving boyfriend, trusted etc etc,) left from Ålesund friday afternoon. Terje was on vacation, so naturally had a beer at once

I am a) not on vacation, and b) having a bad cold, so I stuck to something much healthier Being sick while flying is horrible, I got the worst air pressure in my right ear, to the point I was in tears. Horrible. Then, to make it even worse (as if lugging around on suitcases and bags and the stress of traveling) a part of my bra literally broke in half, with the metal thingie sticking into my ribs. I had 5 minutes to find a new one vefore we had to board the plane. Stress. Stress. Stress.

I also HAD to have "kjøttkaker" when I saw that was their today's special. It'll be months until I eat that again (disregard Terje's comment on how often I eat this dish at home, that is not the point at all)

We had some serious issues with the train fro the airport, even though it should be a fairly easy process. Where all others take one direct train from Manchester Airport to York station, we managed to switch twice, taking no less than 3 trains to get there, Fantastic. This is in Leeds, where a man came over to me and asked me if I could watchhis baby. He looked kinda shady, as was the question. Needless to say, we made little fuss about it and stepped away silently :P

I think I might need to have two people coming to get me when I'm going home. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll need one more suitcase for the return journey :P

And now, this is really horrendous, but I forgot to bring my camera on Saturday. Me and Terje went a little sightseeing and getting to know the city ( as well as you can - this town centre is impossible!) We also did some basic shopping, including power adapters. Speaking of which... clever me got a second set of power cables to my new laptop, and I figured it was English (it had three thingies, and looked like them) Turns out, however, they are not. I thought it might be American, and bought an adapter for that, Nope, I had a "universal" adapter with like 15 compatible countries listed. Nope. I have no idea where it belongs in the world, So now Terje has to ship me the cable before I can get on the new lappy.

We went out with my new housemate, Nadia, to get Indian in the evening. She is from Bodø(ish, hehe) and really nice. She will be in my class too. We share the house with Louisa, who is from Leeds (I think it was), and extremely friendly :) From time to time, Simon's (landlord) sister Lyndsay, also lives here. She has her own room.
I live in the attic, oh joy. Loads of spiders (even some baby tarantuals, Terje can vouch for that) and creepy noises on the roof when it is windy. Otherwise, very cozy:

It is messy, I'm not completely unpacked yet. I have a reptile on my wall, lol
There are 4 other bedrooms here, including one guest room, so quite spacious.

Family bathroom

1/4 of the kitchen

and finally our living room

Terje left this morning, and that is never fun. He has become half of me, and he took that half back to Norway.

I spent the rest of the day in the living room, with Nadia and Louisa mostly. Some of her friends dropped by to say hi, so we know 5 locals now, lol!

We start school tomorrow at 11, so I better get to sleep :)


From the balcony #7 & 8

This is our last day in Croatia, and we've spent it doing some last minute shopping and having an early dinner in Split.
FYI, eating ice cream in close to 40 degrees, while walking, is close to impossible,

We went to Trogir yesterday, where we definitely got our sightseeing needs satisfied. On the UNESCO world heritage list, this tiny village had lots of charm.

We went by sea to Trogir from Split

and a nice lady agreed to take our picture

After an hours boat ride, we arrived in Trogir.

I started out very decent, pants and all

But the heat was overwhelming, so I had to shed those pants after a little while

It might not be the most flattering outfit, but to be honest I don't think I had a choice. All of you back home will probably want to kill me now, but when we saw some clouds we prayed for some rain.

There were a lot of beautiful ruins in Trogir, and I spent most of the day imagining how those ruins looked back when they were "in use"

I think half of the t-shirts Terje broughtto Croatia somehow represents Germanty, which leads to people saying danke and telling us how much things costs in German. Thank you, Terje. I really appreciate it.

Walking down he stairs from our room, we caught a sight of this man slaughtering a sheep:

I suppose this means that the meat on the hotel's restaurant is super fresh?

Finally, on this last day, I think it is fitting to show you a picture of me writing this blog ;)

I thought about taking a pic of the swimming pool and the bar next door where we have bought all our drinks and ice creams, but I' too lazy, really.

Tomorrow we are going home. I'll miss the sun and the lazy days, but I most definitely will not miss this heat. Can you imagine living and working in this heat? Oh mai.
We're probably going to Sweden for some shopping when we return, and expect tio be back home wednesday.